Website Development - A Technical Field That Leaves Room For Creativity

Website development is an exciting technical field that provides ample room for creativity. It gives programmers, coding designers and graphic artists a platform on which to showcase their coding, design and creative talents.
Websites provide businesses with an effective means to connect with customers worldwide regardless of location or time constraints, like Dollar Shave Club's site which has established an expansive customer base and built up a stellar reputation for simplicity and affordability.

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What is a website?

What is an IP address?

What is HTTP?

What is website coding?

Front-end development in website development

Back-end development in website development

What is cybersecurity?

What is CMS?

Do you need a web development company?

Websites are collections of web pages grouped together under a domain name and managed by either an organization or person. They reside on servers connected to the Internet, allowing access from worldwide users through web browsers such as Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge.
People visit websites for many different purposes - to gather information, view multimedia, listen to music and communicate with each other and more. They do this by navigating via links pointing towards different pages within the website - thus making dynamic and interactive websites invaluable resources.
To develop a dynamic website, at Rivka Development we know that the initial step involves front-end development using programming languages like HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Once built, a database stores information which can then be retrieved through front-end development to send back out to users via front-end website development. With such innovations powering dynamic sites comes content and functionality that keeps people returning for more.

What is an an IP Address

An IP address is a string of numbers that uniquely identifies all devices connected to the Internet. Your computer's IP address allows it to communicate with other computers on its network as well as tell websites and streaming services where your physical location lies.
As soon as your browser visits a website, your browser sends a request to the server that holds its files and, once received, sends them directly to your computer and displays them on screen. The times a browser crawls your website will depend on your SEO optimization. Because we understand this, at Rivka Development we also take care of this important aspect when creating your custom website.
Just as every home has a street number, all devices that connect to the Internet also have an IP address. As soon as you access WiFi in a cafe, hotel, or airport your device will receive its own unique numeric identifier assigned by Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), comprising host ID, network ID, class identifier, and default subnet mask information.

What is HTTP?

HTTP, or Hypertext Transfer Protocol, is the set of rules responsible for managing client/server interactions that bring web pages directly into your browser. Like a butler delivering cat pictures when requested. When directed toward a cat-photo site it fetches them for you before returning them back. Using HTTPS instead of HTTP will attract more users to your website and also better rankings, since it means for browsers and users your website is secure. At Rivka Development, when creating your website, we take care of this and we get an SSL certificate for you, ensuring all the pages stored in your domain use HTTPS instead of HTTP.
Operating at the application layer of TCP/IP network protocol suite, multiplexing allows multiple streams of data to be sent simultaneously to clients instead of one stream at a time. Furthermore, media independence means any type of content can be transmitted as long as both parties know how to handle it properly.
HTTP/2 also sends out a header containing information regarding the request, such as its HTTP method (GET, POST etc), URL of resource requested and any additional data necessary for serving up that resource. Compared with its predecessor HTTP/1, it offers more efficient communication while offering features to speed up website load times such as prioritizing page resources.

What is website coding

Coding is the practice of developing software for functionality according to website owner requirements, through both technical and creative means (coding/programming vs design / UX).
There are various coding languages, but three of the most prevalent ones are HTML, CSS and JavaScript. HTML serves as the cornerstone of web page creation while CSS handles cosmetic web development; JavaScript takes care of interactivity issues.
Coding is an exceptional field in that it allows you to exercise both technical and creative talents. No matter which area of coding you specialize in, the key to getting started with training is getting going - there are numerous online coding courses which offer beginner courses for getting up-to-speed quickly - many even offer free trials so that you can try before committing.
In Rivka Development we understand that not all people are allowed, in terms of time, to learn all the complex programming languages or technical knowledge you need to have to create your own website, especially if you are a businessman. Here is when we come up with our website development solution, creating custom, beautiful and optimized websites for you

Front-End development in website development

Front-end development refers to the part of a website that users see and interact with directly, such as clicking buttons, entering text boxes, and scrolling pages. For instance, graphics that appear when entering email and password details to login to Facebook fall under this category of front end development while authentication takes place behind-the-scenes via the back end.
Front-end developers utilize programming languages such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript to develop websites. Additionally, they utilize libraries and frameworks such as jQuery, AngularJS Bootstrap SASS to add functionality - creative individuals with excellent problem-solving skills should become front-end developers.
All of this technical knowledge does not make sense without professional designers that come up with new design ideas, based on the target audience behavior. To solve this, at Rivka Development we make sure every website page, section, and text, is revised, analyzed, and created by the best professionals in all needed fields of knowledge. From SEO, to UX/UI design, and website loading speed optimization (pretty important to actually get leads).
They must understand how to create an intuitive user interface that presents and organizes content effectively, and they should also have experience working with version control systems like Git. Otherwise, when making small modifications to code they may experience issues.

Back-end development in website development

Back-end servers are the part of any website that visitors do not see directly. They include server computer hardware (to store files and applications), security firewalls, and software (such as databases) that handle incoming HTTP requests. They must have some sort of intelligence so they can interpret text-based logic sent from front-end web servers so that they provide users with appropriate resources and data.
Assuming your online gourmet dog treat bakery requires tracking orders, product details, customer data and credit card payment info; you would use a database to store this data easily for access and editing by customers and yourself. A back-end developer would create this invisible structure using various programming languages such as Ruby Python Java and.Net in combination with frameworks like Rails which helps streamline the process. In essence they create the invisible framework behind which your website runs smoothly and securely, that is our first priority at Rivka Development in all our website development projects, since there are many registered cases of successful websites that lose all traffic in less than 1 hour, just because they did not care about website security first. To ensure every website we make is secure, we have our own IT and cybersecurity experts that analyze and test the strength of the security of all websites we develop before it is released and in production phase.

What is cybersecurity?

Cybersecurity encompasses measures designed to safeguard digital assets against hacking threats. These may include encryption techniques, secure coding practices, and stringent access controls that ensure data privacy and protection - especially important when it comes to websites handling financial transactions or personal data such as e-commerce sites or banking platforms.
Avoid making mistakes that hackers look out for when building a website, such as using unsecure libraries or open-source software that could expose it to attacks. Be sure to implement consistent logging and monitoring as this can help detect suspicious activity on the internet.
Modern society relies heavily on technology. Hiring Michigan web developers who prioritize cybersecurity can ensure your business's online presence remains safe and secure - giving customers peace of mind that their personal details and transaction information will remain safe, thus protecting yourself from possible legal repercussions and reputational damage.
One strategy we use at Rivka Development to ensure security of a website, is using the industry leading CMS WordPress for all of our clients' websites, a PHP framework specially made to create beautiful websites, with the highest security protocols already in place.

What is CMS?

CMS (also known as web content management) software enables website owners and their staff to manage the content on their website themselves, eliminating IT's involvement while making publishing new pages simpler.
CMS allows users to change all aspects of a website at once rather than altering each individual page individually. CMSs consist of two parts, the content creation interface and delivery system. Users create and edit content using various tools and features provided.
Once complete, this content is stored either in a database or file system along with metadata tags and categories for later retrieval by the content delivery system and displayed to end-users via websites or digital channels.
Select a content management system (CMS) that is cost-effective, scalable and has an extensive library of extensions and templates. Furthermore, ensure it receives regular updates so as to prevent security vulnerabilities.

Do you need a development company?

websites. Some also provide additional services like SEO or content strategy. Web developers typically utilize several programming languages when developing and maintaining sites.
Internet use remains vitally important to businesses, so they often partner with web development companies for online presence management.
Based on their needs, business leaders can select full-service web development firms or a combination of agencies. For instance, Postlight is an all-in-one digital agency which offers strategy, design and engineering as well as pay per click (PPC) advertising and email marketing.
Furthermore, they offer tools that assist clients in optimizing their websites for mobile devices - something which is increasingly important given that people spend over two out of every three minutes using mobile phones! It is therefore vital to have a responsive website in order to maximize conversions.
At Rivka Development, we always offer full-service solutions, so you do not have to worry about anything else than giving us the idea, and we will take care of project management, team management, development, SEO, design, and more! Start now with the best professional in the web development industry, Rivka Development.

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